Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

I have been running my own restaurant in Vietnam. The main dish is a traditional soup with beef as the main material. In spite of the superior features that meat slicer brings, the use of them is still unpopular here. Thus there were many hesitate whether using a meat slicer or not. On our market there are not many types of meat slicers with good prices. Thus there are not many restaurant usning them although they also use beef as the main material. That is why it leads me to this Model and after using it, I want to give some feedback so that you, who are searching the same product, can have the best choice. Best meat slicer

I also consulte my relatives and friends for more useful information before I buy this meat slicers, 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer.

When buying meat slicers I consider to buying the machines that are genuine, high-quality and meet the safety standards of Europe.

Firstly I need to consider purchasing meat slicers that not only fits my kitchen but it is also to clean. The meat slicer must be made from silve, not plastic (the surface is covered by plastic can be acepted)

Secondly, I need it can cut variety of food, from the soft material like cucumber, onion… to the hard ones such as froozen beef.

The blade is the next feature need to be considerd to.A good blade must be made of stainless materials, with high resistance to be abraded.

The last but not least is meat slicers must be easy to clean.

This is the important thing to consider when buying meat slicers. Due to the direct exposure machine and required meat thoroughly cleaned so I need to consider whether it is easily removable or not. I am afraid that the meat slicers may have complex structures and I am easy to confound in times of need cleaning.

Since using Model 615 meat slicers, my job was easier and I saved a lot of money. I thought I would share some experience for using meat slicers that have accumulated during the time I use meat slicers.

Read, understand and follow the instructions provided in the user manual meat slicers.

Start cutting meat cut with a flat surface.

Often the meat will not be uniform in shape but I just cut a flat surface and then start to cut. So I slice the meat into two half then put the meat to the back of the meat slicers.

I noticed that many users do not satisfy with the blade. But when I use, I try to clean the surface of the meat slicers with vegetable oil before cutting. This makes the meat or cheese while cutting much easier, but more importantly, the cleaning is much easier then.

In conclution, it is durable construction. The motor is powerful and the best feature of it is not difficult when using. But that is not all what I love it. It makes me love because it is the commbination of aluminum and stainless steel which meets to my requirment.

Above I only speak highly of it. In fact there is one thing that it makes me disappoitned. It can not slice the thick meats. Thus for the thick one, I have to cut into smaller one. But it is not a big problem for me beacause I always buy a medium beef. And it is a strong machine so I can use it for a long time.

Since using this meat slicer, many chef went to my restaurant to find how it effective with our job. And now, there are some others using it in their shop, canteen, factory even in their home.

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