Be a Savvy Shopper with Unbiased Refrigerator Reviews

Information About refrigeratorsBuying a new refrigerator is a major investment, so it pays to do plenty of research before getting out the checkbook. Instead of going into a local store, browsing around and selecting a model, it’s much better to avail yourself of the many refrigerator reviews that are available online. We’ve compiled an array of such reviews here for your convenience. To make the most of them, familiarize yourself with the top features to consider when buying a new fridge. Once you’ve done that, you can zero in on reviews for models that have the features you need in your desired price range.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a new fridge is failing to take accurate measurements. This is not the time to just eyeball it. Nothing is worse than investing huge amounts of money in a new refrigerator, having it delivered and discovering that it won’t fit.

The easiest way to ensure that you get a model that fits is by measuring your current refrigerator. Keep those measurements in mind while checking out online refrigerator reviews. In addition to height and width, make sure to measure depth as well.

To ensure that air is able to circulate adequately around the fridge, remember to leave about an inch of space around all sides, and take that into account when browsing models you’re interested in buying. Also, remember that doors need to be able to swing open freely. Make sure adjacent cupboards and cabinets won’t limit your ability to do so, or you and the rest of the family will struggle to take items in and out of the fridge.


Most online appliance retailers allow you to sort the available models by price. Before starting your search in earnest, come up with a realistic price range. Don’t forget to keep things like taxes and shipping charges in mind, and scout out online coupon websites to look for discounts. With a good idea about how much you can afford to spend, you will be able to focus on reviews that concern models in your price range.


These days, there are more varieties of refrigerators on the market than ever. A few of the most popular ones include:

  • Freezer on Top – Refrigerators with freezer compartments on top are the most traditional style. They continue to be wildly popular, and the main reason is because they usually offer the most bang for the buck in terms of storage space. Still, for most people, having the freezer on top isn’t actually the most practical option. After all, most folks reach into the refrigerator section more frequently, so having easier access to the freezer compartment doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • Freezer on the Bottom – If, like most people, you tend to use the refrigerator section more often, a model with the freezer on the bottom may be your best bet. Most major brands offer models in this configuration, and they span a wide array of price ranges.
  • Side-by-Side – What if you tend to pull things from the refrigerator and freezer fairly equally? A side-by-side model may work best for you, but there’s one serious drawback to keep in mind: On most models, each side is prohibitively narrow. You may find yourself struggling to find room for bulkier food items. For instance, the typical pizza box won’t slide right into this type of fridge.
  • French door refrigerators – The latest trend when it comes to refrigerator styling. They are preferred primarily because of their exceptionally wide storage space. The wide spacing allows easy access and viewing at all levels creating convenience and efficiency for the consumer.


As you browse the refrigerator reviews on this site, keep your eyes peeled for the features you need the most. Even if you’re fairly sure about what you want, technology changes rapidly. Chances are there are new features out there that you’re not yet aware of, so get up to speed by considering the following refrigerator features:

  • Finish – Keep the style of your kitchen in mind when browsing refrigerator reviews. Chances are you already have a specific finish in mind. White and black are fairly ubiquitous, but stainless steel has enjoy a major surge in popularity of late. While older stainless models seemed to be fingerprint magnets, newer models have special no-print stainless finishes that make them incredibly appealing.
  • Energy Efficiency – Although you will pay more for a fridge that’s ENERGY STAR rated, you will make that money back – and then some – through lower utility bills. At the bare minimum, an ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator uses 20 percent less energy than a standard model, so you can slash your energy costs by a significant degree.
  • Bins and Shelves – The vast majority of refrigerators have adjustable bins and shelves. Some even have elevator shelves that move up and down with cranks. Still, read reviews closely. How easy it is to adjust the bins and shelves? In some cases, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Ice and Water Dispenser – Like most people, you’re probably interested in a fridge that has an ice and water dispenser on the door. While reading reviews, be on the lookout for notes about flaky dispensers. This is a common problem plaguing many models. Some models take things a step further by offering dispensers for soda and other drinks too. Also, some models have in-door ice storage, which frees up a lot of freezer space.

Advanced Features – Higher-end refrigerators are loaded with advanced features you probably didn’t even realize you needed. If you’re a wine lover, perhaps you’d like a fridge with a special wine-chilling compartment. If you’re tech savvy, a model with a multimedia panel that connects to the Internet and streams music, movies and TV shows may be up your alley.

Make the Most of Refrigerator Reviews

Now that you have a basic understanding of the features to consider when buying a refrigerator, you’ll be able to make the most of the reviews on this site. After narrowing things down to a handful of models, dig a little more deeply before making your purchase. All of your research will pay off when you buy a fridge that has the features you need for a reasonable price.